Bariban Wellness

Tyeisha Patten is widjabul-Wiabal women. I re-learnt to meditate in 2015 & my healing journey begun through my own path with ancestors and discovering an understanding of my gifts.

I created Bariban to begin healing circles for my communities and to help others re build a strong sense of identity. Healing people is very important to me & I endeavor to build a better understanding between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people. 

Bariban body oil's are skin safe being plant Based only. Our oils are filled with different herbs, plants , flowers and essential oils nature  medicine and earth magic while being infused with traditional aboriginal healing method, based pure almond oil & lavender promotion skin hydration, improving texture and preventing break outs. 

it is a natural antibacterial and full of vitamin A, they  can be used to treat acne and anti fungal properties. Its concentration of vitamin E can also help to heal sun damage, reduce the signs of aging, & scars. 

"If people listen and learn through cultural understanding, Our Country will start to walk together"